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30.00 BGN per month 360.00 BGN/y.

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  • Faster than SSD

    ICN.Bg’s cloud servers have specialized enterprise SSD discs that are faster than the typical SSD discs. With their help, you enjoy better performance.

  • Fixed price per month

    You pay a fixed monthly price for your hosting plan. In this way, you can plan your budget for IT services more easily and use your financial resources more effectively.

  • Fixed resources per month

    The resources included in the plan are tailored to your preferences and business needs. You get a high-performing virtual machine that makes your online projects even more effective.

  • Powerful hardware

    ICN.Bg’s SSD VPS is located entirely on SSD cloud infrastructure. You receive the best price for a high-quality web hosting service located on the best cloud infrastructure in Bulgaria.

  • Data reservation

    We provide you with infrastructure in an RAID 10 array that prevents data loss. Your data are simultaneously replicated in several locations, which means that even in the case of a hardware problem, the data will migrate automatically.

  • Self-healing infrastructure

    Our self-healing infrastructure allows the system to monitor its own operations for deviations and, when it detects an issue, to respond and restore its normal functions.