Extra 1 BGN per month for 2 times more resources?

What do I get:

  • Disc space50 GB NVMe SSD
  • Number of sites25
  • Server powerх2

53% discount

12.50 BGN per m.

5.80 BGN per m. save 80.40 BGN a year

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Hosting Upgrade

Economy Hosting Plan


  • NVMe SSD disc space

    You receive 50 GB of disc space for all your files and email accounts. Thanks to the combination of SSD discs and the NVMe technology, your online projects will be loading at lightning speed.

  • 25 websites

    Hosting plans allow for the hosting of a number of websites depending on the available disc space. With our economical hosting plan, you have the capacity to host up to 25 websites.

  • Free SSL certificate

    Increase your users’ trust in your website with the help of our free SSL certificate. It encrypts the connection between your website and your users’ browsers, preventing personal data leaks.

  • Professional DDoS protection

    The specialized hardware solution Radware DefensePro offers thorough protection of your website against DDoS attacks, removing all your protection-related worries.

  • Caching tools

    Use a wide range of cashing instruments to significantly reduce your website’s load time and take full advantage of the hosting resources included in the plan.

  • ActiveWAF / Web Application Firewall

    ActiveWAF/Web Application Firewall is a ‘protection wall’ guarding your websites, applications, and hosting accounts against malicious external activities.