Data Centers

Server Locations?

ICN.Bg operates its servers from two data centers – in Sofia, Bugaria (ICN DC – Telepoint).

Technical Features of Our Data Center in Bulgaria

ICN DC – Telepoint is a Tier 3 (N+1) data center that can operate independently without access to the electricity grid in Bulgaria.

The technical centers are equipped with the newest CISCO routers and commutators, which we update periodically. Installed in 19-inch racks, the equipment is fully secure and has an independent air conditioning system, ventilation, and electric power supply:

  • Unlimited individual Internet connectivity
  • Independent and redundant telecom and optic cables providers
  • Redundant optic connections with independent physical paths
  • Redundant support systems (power supply, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Completely independent (N+1) A and B UPS 220V AC power feeds
  • Completely independent (N+1) A and B 48V DC
  • A and B diesel generators
  • Air quality monitoring system VESDA
  • Fire notification and extinction system (FM200 gas)
  • Water leakage detection system
  • Redundant (N+1) air conditioning system with hot and cold aisle configuration
  • A system for individual used-power readings
  • Round-the-clock phsyical security of the building
  • Video monitoring
  • Access control points and accredited visitors only
  • 24x7 support engineer
  • 24x7x365 on-site technical support
  • 24x7x365 user access
  • Alarm and safety equipment


ICN.Bg’s connectivity is provided by several Internet carriers. The main ones include Level 3, Interoute, Telehouse, and TBC. Interoute has one of the most sophisticated networks for voice and data transmission in Europe. The optic network, which is fully controlled and managed by a single core, consists of 12 rings connecting 90 cities in 24 countries, supported by over 57,000 km of fiber. Its transmission capacity is 1 Million MBits per second.

World map network

ICN.Bg’s network is a part of the local Bulgarian peering and is connected to the first neutral Bulgarian Internet Exchange Point – BIX.BG.

The international channels are 100% guaranteed and equipped with a continuity-ensuring system for ground (optic) reception and broadcasting. ICN.Bg’s network capacity is without shapers, which means that it offers practically unlimited access.

Security and Fire Safety

All ICN.Bg data center premises are under constant video monitoring, with round-the-clock external and internal security and movement-detecting sensors connected directly to the alarm and safety system. Entering the premises is only possible with accreditation cards.

The areas in the collocation center are equipped with sensors for detecting smoke and measuring the temperature inside and outside the racks, a VESDA air quality monitoring system, and an FM200 fire extinction system.

FM200 Fire Extinction Installations

The FM200 is used for the security of computer halls. The low extinction concentration of 7% per unit of volume for Class A risks, the high level of personnel safety, and the low levels of toxicity make FM200 one of the best fire extinction systems. FM200 is effective for up to 10 seconds after it is first switched on. It has several significant advantages in comparison to alternative agents. Among these are a fast release, which means flames can be extinguished quickly, and minimal damages, toxic effects, and decomposed products caused by the burning.

FM200 Features:

  • FM200 (HFC-227ea) is a clean gas agent without particles or oily residues. It is produced in accordance with the ISO 9002 guidelines, which guarantees its cleanness.
  • FM200 doesn’t leave residues and oily overlays on the delicate electric facilities and can be removed from the protected area through ventilation.

FM200 Advantages

  • FM200’s low concentration means less visible nebulosity and a minimal risk for the personnel.
  • The limited amount of released agent reduces the likelihood of overpressure in the protected area.
  • The low levels of toxicity offer maximum safety for the workers.
  • FM200 is most effective when used with automatic detection so that it can start working as quickly as possible.
  • Prevention of a re-ignition and maintenance of the same levels of concentration.

Electric Power Supply and Air Conditioning

As an N+1 (Tier 3) data center, ICN.Bg’s Telepoint can operate independently of the electricity grid in Bulgaria. The electric power is supplied by 2 independent substations (A and B). These are supported in real time by (N+1) A and B UPS 220V AC systems, which are supported by 2 A and B alternative diesel generators (TEKSAN) that cover each other.

The super high-power redundant EMERSON(N+1) air conditioning system with hot and cold aisle configuration maintains a constant temperature of °C 20±2 and humidity of 50±10% in the collocation center. The cleanness of the air is guaranteed by powerful G4 filters installed in the air conditioning racks.


ICN.Bg’s racks have sensors for measuring the humidity and the temperature, including of the hardware server and network equipment itself.

The location of the server power is distributed among the racks according to a pre-arranged scheme for better cooling and the fastest possible release of the hot waves. Each rack is made even more redundant by a parallel electric power supply from two circles in the data center.

A web-based monitoring system allows for real-time remote monitoring of the temperature in each rack and the electric power being used. Clients who have rented racks or footprints from us also have access to the system.

Server Equipment

The high-performance server base is made up of highly productive (Supermicro SuperServer) machines. ICN.Bg uses multi-core i7 and Xeon Quad processors, Supermicro SuperBlade systems, Hardware RAID 1&10, SCSI, SAS, HDD RAID EDITION. The whole equipment is triple-secured, and the security of the data is guaranteed by remote Backup SAN servers. We rely on PERSY’s professionals for the warranty service of our servers.


  • Electronic system that controls who has access to the premises in which client facilities are located
  • DELL consoles (LCD + keyboard and mouse) for installing and configuring the newly installed client servers
  • KVM-Over-IP for remote access to the servers for installation, configuration, or repair.
  • SMS management of clients’ collocated equipment
  • Remote video monitoring system

Telepoint Colocation

About Intergenia

Intergenia’s infrastructure is located in 3 data centers on 2 continents – in Duesseldorf (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany) and St. Louis (USA).

All servers are directly connected to the European Gigabit-Backbone and the paths to the most important Internet carriers in Europe such as Deutsche Telekom, LambdaNet, and Level3. The connectivity is provided on the basis of several topological rings. As a result, the network can maintain a normal working capacity even in the case of a 100% interruption.

Learn more about our data center from the ICN.Bg Data Center White Papers.