Create your new web project on a secure, powerful, and flexible Cloud infrastructure!

24/7/365 support and accessibility, auto-scalable resources, and pay-as-you-grow pricing.


Choose operating system

Choose a distribution
Choose a control panel for easy management

Included with every Cloud

  • 1 IP address
  • Basic firewall
  • 100 Mbps network
  • Unlimited traffic
Price: 0,08 BGN per day 7,67 per month

Manage your cloud server with the new ICN.Bg Cloud App — mobile app for full control on your virtual machines.

ICN.Bg Cloud Advantages

  • Faster than SSD

  • Pay-as-you-grow Pricing

  • Resource Management made Flexible / Scalability and Flexibility

  • Powerful hardware

  • Data Redundancy

  • Self-healing infrastructure

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Easy and flexible Cloud management

How does ICN.Bg Cloud work?


Control panel and architecture

The infrastructure is managed by a high-tech software layer that ensures complete control of every aspect of the Cloud - virtualizing the system resources, ensuring the stability of the servers, providing full administration to the users, and guaranteeing reliable execution of the system processes. That way we can deliver High-Availability infrastructure, enterprise-class resilience, self-healing architecture, and automatic hypervisor failover.

With the convenient and functional control panel you can effectively manage your servers easily and intuitively through the web or with a mobile application.

Hypervisor zone for better resource management

The Hypervisor zone provides all of the computing power of the Cloud platform. It ensures intelligent provisioning of the capacity thus giving optimal use of storage resources. The hardware virtualization architecture provides smart Cloud resource management of all active virtual machines.

The virtual resources can be dynamically allocated at any time based on the needs of the environment. With this, you can have maximum server power, better processing of the incoming requests, and more efficient virtual machines for your web sites and web projects. You have full access to self-provisioning/self-service and autoscaling for Cloud resources.

We provide a built-in firewall that is capable of filtering TCP and UDP traffic. You can configure different personal protection rules thus ensuring maximum security for your projects.

Tiered Data Storage

The infrastructure is built on backed up storage sources per cloud and multiple disks per virtual machine. The hardware is designed and capable of storing massive amounts of sensitive information by using fully redundant hardware controllers and SSD disks in RAID10 configuration. That way we can guarantee better performance and high level of reliability.

With ICN.Bg Cloud you can create a flexible and resilient backup of your projects. You can make a local image of your instance with a backup-to-template conversion that enables rapid VM redeployment. Also, you can make a Disaster recovery backup by creating external Snapshots on remote infrastructure. That way it will allow for real disaster recovery thus securing the continuation of the critical business processes.

ICN.Bg Cloud Locations

world map

Compatibility with the most used operating systems, technologies, and templates

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Windows
  • PostgreSQL
  • OpenSuse
  • Fedora
  • Core OS
  • RedHat
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • cPanel
  • LAMP

Frequently asked questions

What is Cloud hosting?
Cloud hosting is a flexible and scalable hosting service that gives you access to an unlimited pool of resources. The pricing is pay-as-you-go and you can quickly select wanted parameters as well as you can change them at any time. You pay only for the resources you use and you can efficiently manage your budget.
What are Cloud's benefits for business?
Cloud hosting is one of the best solutions for new or growing businesses. It can scale as your web projects grow. You have access to all resources your business needs. You can rest assured that your online services are UP all the time and that your customers have 24/7 access to them.
How to create a Virtual machine with ICN.Bg Cloud?
You can easily create your first Cloud virtual machine through the convenient and functional control panel. With ICN.Bg Cloud you can manage your resources quickly and see detailed usage statistics in real time through a web browser or our mobile application.
Why should you choose SSD Cloud storage?
Every business needs a fast and secure hosting environment to thrive and be more productive. SSD Cloud storage is the best hosting solution when you need ultra-fast read/write speed and maximum efficiency. In our service ICN.Bg Cloud we have integrated a fully centralized SSD block storage in RAID10 configuration that combines disk mirroring and disk striping to protect your data. It gives you redundancy and performance and is the best option for I/O-intensive applications.
What does the AutoScale option do?
The option AutoScale will help your virtual machine access the needed resources at any time. With this, your applications are safe in the moments of heavy server load and massive amounts of simultaneous queries. The virtual server will automatically scale the parameters to gain the necessary resources and meet the momentary high demands of the system.
How is Cloud priced?
The most distinctive feature of Cloud hosting is that it is priced based on the usage of the service. You can choose the parameters that you need and change them easily every time you need more or less. Use our handy Cloud control panel to manage your virtual machine with just a few clicks. Тhis is the main difference between Cloud and VPS hosting. With VPS the price is fixed monthly and you have access to limited resources pre-defined by the chosen plan.
How to create a Cloud Server
ICN.Bg Cloud Platform allows you to create multiple virtual servers. You can easily manage all your VMs through our functional Cloud panel - you can create, configure, duplicate or delete your virtual machines with just a few clicks.
How to use credit bonus for Cloud?
You can use the option "Credit bonus" from your user panel. It will help you get a credit/overdraft for your Cloud service. This way your virtual machines will continue to effectively work even if you don't have any money in your account. The amount you can get as a credit bonus is equal to 10% of the amount spent for you Cloud for the past 30 days.
Security and Cloud protection
Using ICN.Bg Cloud you have at your disposal fully reserved SAN servers that are working with RAID10 configuration. You can chose additional protection devices and technologies, such as SSL certificates for your web site, DDoS Protection or Remote backup from ICN.Bg.