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Used for starter sites and pre-made CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla and etc. Suitable for business sites and company blogs with massive content.

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Main characteristics and specifications

50GB HDD disk space

25 web sites

Unlimited number of mails

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited number of MySQL database on SSD

Free SSL Let's encrypt

30 Backups

Server power х2 (55 CPU min/24 h)

Free extras

  • CDN (CloudFlare + Railgun)


  • Google Adwords voucher

    Voucher for advertisement - 90 BGN.

  • Free domain

    Price: from 23.40 BGN/Year

    Pay: 0.00 BGN

  • Free IP Address

    Price: 24.00 BGN/Year

    Pay: 0.00 BGN

  • Free SSH

    Price: 24.00 BGN/Year.

    Pay: 0.00 BGN

  • DDoS protection

    Price: 99.00 BGN/Year

    Pay: 0.00 BGN

Detailed characteristics

E-mail specifications

POP3 / SMTP / IMAP mailsYes We give you the opportunity to have unlimited number of Mailboxes, and you pick the disc storage of each one of them . This allows you to create a separate e-mail for each and every one of your employees, thus meaning that you will have the freedom to have as many post boxes as you want.
Automatic answerYes" Automatic answer " is a service, which allows the automatic respond to all inbox mails, that you have picked beforehand.
Web based clientYesWith the Web-based mail you can read and sent mails all over the world without having a postbox client installed.
E-mail redirectionYes**Е-mail redirection allows you to pick one or more e-mails that will redirect all your mail to another mailbox. You can add, delete or redact your re-directions with the help of your control panel.
Mailing list1Mailing list allows you to sent one mail to many users, who are on your list. The maximum number of sent e-mails for 1 hour is 200. You can add, delete or redact positions from your list with the help of your control panel.
Filtering / Spam assassinYesSpam Assassin checks and marks your spam mails. You have the option to pick the ones you are going to block. And of course you can regulate the options at your will from the control panel.

Domain specifics

SpecificationsIncluded in the planDescription
Hosted domains39Only with ICN.Bg you can host many domain names on a single hosting plan (“Hosted domains" is the sum of Main domain+ Parked domain+ Extra domain names). When adding a domain to your host panel, you have the opportunity to throw in subdomains, e-mail accounts MX records and others in your domain name.
Free domainNo You get a Free domain (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and etc.) by pre-ordering your standard and business hosting plan for a period of 1 year.
SubdomainsUnlimited The Subdomain is part of the main domain (for example: By allowing you to have unlimited quantity of subdomains, you have the chance to create your web page more flexible and effective._
Addon domains24The Addon domain is an option which allows you to add an extra domain in your account, which works as an independent web site. It opens a new folder, that is separated from the main one and leads to your main domain account._
Parked domain14Parked domains give you the opportunity to have several domains leading to your main domain account. This way your website can have several separate domain names.
Redirection of a domainYesThis function allows you redirect your domain or subdomain to a different one. For example: to lead to, and after searching for the first address it automaticly redirects you to
Domain infoYesDomain info or so called Domain WhoIs allows you to check if a spesific domain is already registered. If the domain is registered you have the option to check out who the owner is with full given information about him.

Scrypt languages

LanguagesIncluded in the planDescription
PHP4, PHP5.2, PHP5.3 and PHP5.4YesPHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a language meant for server scrypt writing. It is used for creating dynamic web pages and allows you to implement fragments of code into common pages of HTML.
Perl, CGI, PythonYesPractical Extraction and Report Language (Perl) is a program language, meant to work with text . It has many possibilities of text redaction and it is one of the most used languages for CGI scripts.
Ruby on rails*NoRuby is a flexible modern objectively-orientated language for programming. Ruby on Rails is a platform that deals with most of the problems of web developing. Together they are two of the fastest developing technologies at the moment. If you order standard hosting plan together with Ruby on rails we offer 1 extra domain (Addon).
QuickTime / Real MediaYesQuickTime is a a software which allows the users of MAC and Windows as an OS to play audio and video on their desktops. Apart from that QuickTime is a file format, an environment for creating multimedia and is full of applications.
Shockwave / FlashYesAdobe Flash и Shockwave are two of the most widely distributed and popular technologies for creating animations and animated graphs. Our servers are carefully optimized for applications that use many resources from your hosting plan (Such as those). Our connection is optimized for keeping and successfully delivering such sites.


DatabaseIncluded in planDescription
MySQLUnlimitedICN.Bg is giving you the unique opportunity to have unlimited MySQL database. MySQL e RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) with an open source code. The system offers APIs (interfaces for programming ) for the languages of C, C++, Eiffel, Java, Perl, PHP and Python.
PostgreSQLNoICN.Bg is giving you the unique opportunity to have unlimited PostgreSQL database. PostgresSQL is a reliable alternative of MySQL. The method which PostgreSQL uses to work with your database is almost identical to the one that MySQL works.


IncludedIncluded in planDescription
Daily backupYesICN.Bg offers a daily archiveof all your files, database and e-mails. We recommend our users to keep an additional local backup on their PC.
Password protected directoriesYesThis is a directory (folder) on your website, where it is requiring you to fill a login form. This way you are keeping the directory of your site protected from 3rd persons.Now you can protect any folder you choose with the help of the control panel that we offer.
Hotlink protectionYes**Hotlinking is a type of protection* that takes care of the copyright of your images. This way it prevents them from being stolen by other sites, together with their specific links.
OpenPGPYesOpenPGP is the most widely used standard for e-mail encrypting. The meaning of the phrase PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy.
IP Deny managerYesIP Deny manager allows you to block the access to your web site from specific IP addresses like unwanted intruders or to prevent Hotlinking.
SSL SupportYesSSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol which encrypts the information that your site offers, thus granting the protection of the personal information that passes through your site, such as : Passwords, usernames and etc. SSL works by using a key to encrypt the information that gets transferred by the SSL connection. Together with the SSL Manager you get to control the SSL you already bought. To use a SSL certificate you need to have your own IP address. With the order of a SSL certificate from ICN.Bg you get the service of “Personal IP address” for free for our Business and standard hosting plans.


IncludedIncluded in the planDescription
Hosting panelYesThe Hosting panel allows you to navigate your through your website easy and fast Each and every of our customers owns an unique user name and password.
Domain panelYesThe Domain panel allows you to control your domains. You can transfer, redact and buy new domains or prepay your own domains in the future.
File managerYesFile manager allows you to edit, delete and upload files in real time. You can restrict folders, rename them or move them, as well as many other options for building up your website.
HTML editorYesWith HTML editor you have the unique opportunity to redact your files in real time. You don’t need to download files in order to redact them and upload them afterwards. HTML editor is the time savior of your website.
Access to the log filesYesThe access to the log files of your account allows you to trace the productivity of your site in real time. You can download the logs from your control cPannel, to view them on your computer.
Web mailYesWeb mail is an interface which allows the users of the users to read and send e-mails, using their own browser.
SSH2,40 BGN/Month (Secure Shell Server) SSH is a protocol which allows you the direct access to another operational system using the Internet. It offers a high quality of data transfer security. For ICN.Bg the security of you and your client’s personal information is a number one priority and SSH which we offer is was being tested countless times and has an astonishing level of security.
Personal page error managerYesWith the help of Personal page error manager You have the opportunity to create your own error messages. Some of the most well know error messages are: 400 Bad syntax; 403 Forbidden; 404 Not Found; 500 Internal Error.
StatisticsYesYour control panel allows you to track all statistics in real time, such as: Disc space, Site traffic and etc. You can track your monthly traffic that you’ve spend, unique visits to your site, internal page reloads and many more. The information that you receive is separated and sorted in tables of months, weeks, days and hours.
CronJobsYesCronJobs is an automated process which works in periods of time, previously set by the administrator.
Web toolsNoThis tool allows you to make a so called "trace route" from our servers to servers that are located all around the world.
MIME typesYesMIME types identify the form of the files and allow them to be read by the applications.
Apache HandlersYesApache is a HTTP server with an open source code, which is used to make your website work. Apache handlers tells the server how to proceed with files on the web. If you want to change the files for some reason, you will have to make the Apache handlers especially for your site. Now you have this option with ICN.Bg.
Index managerYesIndex manager allows you to control how all the directories are shown on your web site and exactly which file should be shown. If you don’t have a file called index.html in a given directory, that directory’s content will be shown in the browser.
HTTP/2 supportYesUse HTTP/2 to make your site one of the fastest! Thanks to HTTP/2 you achieve better performance and optimal resource usage. It is compatible with all browsers!
ResourceIncluded in the planDescription
Processor time55 minutes for 24 hoursAcceptable CPU% (Processor time), that can be used by a given user (user account) is 21-120 minutes in the period of 24 hours. 1% CPU = 14,40 minutes.
Apache requests100 simultaneousMaximal simultaneous requests to the web server for a single account.
MySQL connections30 simultaneous The maximal simultaneous connections to the server from one MySQL user.
MySQL requestsUnlimitedAll shared plans have unlimited number of requests to the MySQL server.
Inodes150 thousand Every shared hosting account has the opportunity to use a specific number of inodes. Inodes (index node) is a terminology defying file structure in the Unix based OS’s. Every inode stores information about the objects and architecture of file’s structure, mean while storing the content and file data. In order for all of the user’s web projects , using the shared environment, to work impeccable, they have to follow specific restrictions. Those restrictions allow smooth experience without compromising the quality of the service.

Additional services

ServiceIncluded in the planDescription
SSH/Shell access2,40 BGN for a monthSSH/Shell access. Because our clients have a strong need to use SSH, we offer the service as an additional paid service for our Ultima and Economic hosting plans.
File Download3.60 BGN for a monthFile Download. File Download is a service which allows you to share large files with your clients, like brochures and etc. The service grants access to a special optimized Web server (NGINX) The activation is valid for just one sub domain in a given directory in your account.
Additional traffic - 1GbUnlimitedAdditional traffic - 1Gb. You can buy an extra additional traffic of 100GB for just 4,80 BGN/Month.
Dedicated IP address24 BGN for 1 yearDedicated IP address. You can now make your website unique, using the service Dedicated IP address.

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