System administration from Friendly Geeks

Do you need a professional technical help? Our FriendlyGeeks team composed of system administrators will help you with the administration and the technical provision of your service. You can pick an hourly or technical subscription support depending on the needs of your project. 24/7 reliable support, fast reaction and professionalism are the key components when your business processes depends on the accessibility of your hosting service. System administrators and certified cPanel experts from our technical support team will take care of the administration of your dedicated hosting or virtual machine. You can learn how to pick one of the following types of Technical support, depending on the service that you are currently using.

Friendly Geeks

Hourly technical support

You can use the hourly technical support in case of an unexpected problems with your cloud or dedicated server, as well as short term technical cases such as : server audit, installation of a specific module, security check and other. Hourly technical support is referred to installing, configuring and administrating of your dedicated server or cloud, but it does not include correcting software mistakes or software optimization.

This technical support is hourly taxed. Our system administrator will inform you about the difficulty of your technical case beforehand. He will tell you more about the reasons that caused the problem and the difficulty level of your case, the methods of overcoming it as well as how much time it would take.

Technical support subscription

Bobby - Geek since 2004 ICN.Bg offers technical support subscription for all cloud and dedicated hosting users, which are not experts in the IT community and are missing any kind of administrators in their team. The Technical support subscription includes up to 6 hours monthly, where one of our system administrators will help you with all your questions and problems installing or configuring software on your machine.

For every system administration subscription you receive free 24/7 monitoring on a component under your choice - Network, Web server, CPU overload , RBL blacklist, Telnet and others. ServicePrice.
Hourly technical support42 BGN/HourПоръчай
Cloud technical support subscription*47.40 BGN/MonthПоръчай
Dedicated server technical support subscription*82.80 BGN/MonthПоръчай
24/7 Cloud/dedicated server monitoring9.20 BGN/MonthПоръчай
24/7 Cloud/dedicated server Proactive monitoring30.00 BGN/MonthOrder now
  • For every system administration subscription you receive free 24/7 monitoring on a component under your choice - Network, Web server, CPU overload , RBL blacklist, Telnet and others.*

Each subscription can not exceed over 6 technical hours/month.

As part of the technical support ICN.Bg offers :

  • Installation and server migration инсталация;
  • Web server and database installation;
  • Installing and setting up a mail server;
  • Installing and setting up different frameworks;
  • Checking the server for suspicious files;
  • Technical support after hacked servers and compromised applications;
  • Cleaning of hacked applications;
  • Full server protection, including protection against Brutefoce attacks;
  • Upgrading to a newer version of the following services (PHP, MySQL, Apache);
  • The instalation of a control panel;
  • Instaling a SSL certificate;
  • Renewing services and application that you are currently using;
  • The optimization of Apache, Exim, PHP and etc.
  • Setting and configuring server farms and etc.