Server monitoring

Do you want to guarantee the maximal productivity and accessibility of your server? Use ICN.Bg’s monitoring services. We are going to track all of the processes of your machine, the current load time, and the good work of your server’s CPU. ICN.Bg is the only hosting company that offers Proactive server monitoring with immediate reaction from our system administrators in case of cloud or physical machine complications.

Proactive monitoring

ICN.Bg offers proactive monitoring in order to insure the optimal up-time of your server. Our experience shows that a big portion of the accidents lead to an extended downtime, despite the presence of a monitoring system. This is because most of the accidents happen after work time and we all know what Murphy’s law is all about. Just because of that we created a service which includes standard server monitoring, combined with basic system administration. To make sure that there is someone take care of your equipment in case of an accident:

  • Immediate reaction when identifying a problem;
  • Critical service restart on your server machine;
  • Tracing chronological logs;
  • Software or hardware restart;
  • 24/7 emergency help for your server(identifying the problem and finding a solution)

The service of proactive monitoring allows better productivity of your machine, high level reliability and at the same time you save money.

Proactive monitoring30.00 BGN/Month including VATOrder now

24/7 Monitoring

You have a server and you want to make sure it works flawlessly 24/7? Our monitoring service guarantees that the processes of your server will be tracked, and you will be informed about any possible technical disturbances.

What do you receive after ordering the service of Monitoring: - Current load time tracking; - Tracking the order of your control panel; - Identifying possible security breaks; - Tracking the order of avaiable server services; - A notification when identifying a chance of machinery problems.

24/7 Monitoring9.20 BGN/Month including VATOrder now