Microsoft licence - SPLA

ICN.Bg is a SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) partner of Microsoft in providing licences for it’s users. The program offers an opportunity to use a wide variety of licensed software products on a monthly subscription basis, without having to deal with any contracts, starting taxes and etc.

Using ICN.Bg’s services you gain the following:

  • No binding contracts;
  • Flexible budget, only pay for what you are using in the current period;
  • Always using the latest stable builds;
  • Free renewal;
  • A choice option between different versions depending on your needs;
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 Standard - per Core licence37.75 BGN/MonthOrder now
MS SQL Server Standard 2012/2014/2016 - SAL (user/device licence)38.82 BGN/MonthOrder now
MS Office Standard 2010/2013/2016 - SAL (user/device licence)32.98 BGN/MonthOrder now

For more information about the licence products of Microsoft such as: MS Office, SQL server, Dynamics, Skype for Business, Visual Studio, Share Point, Exchange server and other please contact us