Remote access - ICN KVM over IP

System administrators are constantly facing the challenges of eliminating the geographical limitations, which decrease the reaction time when administrating the infrastructure. The need of sharing tech experience and the remote work from different places, as well as the decrease of the human resource, impose the use of high tech remote control systems.

KVM over IP is a hardware component, with which you can access the server equipment remotely, with the use of TCP/IP protocol.

ICN KVM over IP allows you to take full control over your server equipment, relying completely on security. This platform offers: Remote access to ISO files (Virtual CD), an option to pre-install a remote operational system, to install Rescue CD of your operational system, i order to fix your current installation and last but not least you are able to perform a file transfer from the integrated flash of ICN KVM.


  • Combined interface with an option to control a large quantity of devices
  • The centralization of tech knowledge from all over the world
  • Allows the simultaneous work of several system administrators on a single device
  • It does not require any specific software or hardware for remote control
  • Control via TCP/IP, which is now current
  • Encrypted access to the control devices
  • Access identification
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