ICN Recovery Live – Dedicated servers/Collocation

ICN Recоvery Live is a service which allows the emergent access to your server, through the use of Linux distribution, which has has rights over the current system. With ICN Recovery Live you can fix the broken OS, start different applications and grant access to all of your files and etc.

With Recоvery Live you have the opportunity to fix broken system files and recover your operation system (OS) to its former working state. You also have the chance to recover passwords and broken file systems.


  • Modification and configuration of files
  • Fix/Diagnose the Hard disk (File system)
  • Redact and Recover passwords
  • Fix system errors
  • Manual implementation of files in case of unsuccessful reboot
  • Installation of third Linux distribution
  • Access spare system copies
Recоvery Live42.00 BGN/Month including VATOrder now

For additional information, please contact us on 02/491 8877 and 0888 738338, as well as at our Email address: office@icn.bg

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