DDoS protection

Ensure your business with this specialized hardware equipment, which grants 99.99% protection for web DDoS attacks. Radware Defense Pro is a modern equipment, which guarantees the trouble-free work of your online business. It’s not just simple high class equipment, it offers functionalities that are far ahead from it’s competitors. Defense Pro prevents connection channel overload, DDoS attacks, login pages attacks, CDN and SSL based flood attacks by offering 99,99% web protection.

What is Radware Defense Pro?

DDOS by ICN.Bg A hardware, combining an adaptive behavior analyzing technology with high capacity specialized hardware. This advanced technology conception based on 2 layers of protection – web level and app level. By doing that it protects you from web and app downtime, possible exploits and app weaknesses, malware, web anomalies, information theft and other cyber attacks. The device of Radware, which is provided by ICN.Bg helps you prevent connection channel overload, DDoS attacks, login page attacks, CDN and SSL flood based attacks such as: - TCP SYN+ACK, TCP FIN, TCP RESET, TCP Fragment and etc.; - UDP; - Slowloris, Spoofing, ICMP, HTTP Flood; - Brute Force; - DNS Flood; - NXDomain; - Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP Flood; - Reflected ICMP & UDP and etc.

How does Radware keep you safe?

Radware’s web layer protection – DefensePro, detects and limits DDoS attacks with high capacity. It protects all kinds of L3 and L4 flood. It has is capable of differing DDoS attacks from high traffic levels, restricting the malicious traffic only. With it’s first of a kind level of functionality, it can detect and limit DDoS attacks channeled from botnet webs. By using behavior analysis, DefensePro locates the IP address that agitates the attack and gives out information about the specifics of the attack, as well as the ports that are being used. In addition to the real time DDoS protection, it also offers application cracking protection. By its aim to gather information, before the real attack is made, it identifies abnormal and repetitive operation models. Doing that it can define a legit attack process and prevent it before it has even started.

Radware Defense Pro is suitable for:

  • Every business, which can’t allow itself to experience the consequences of server downtime;
  • Political party sites; -News sites;
  • Non-governmental organizations sites;
  • Bank sites;
  • All kinds of apps, which carry sensetive information;
  • Sites that had experienced previous cyber attacksсайтове, които веднъж са били жертва на атака.

Radware Defense Pro can be ordered by all of our clients using the following services:

  • Shared hosting;
  • Dedicated server;
  • Collocated server;
  • Cloud server;
  • ICN.Bg Load balancer.

How to order DDoS professional protection?

Cloud server DDoS protection99.00 BGN/Month including VATlearn more about how to activate the professional DDoS protection bellow
Dedicated server/Collocation DDoS protection99.00 BGN/Month including VATПоръчай
Shared hosting DDoS protection DDOS8.25 BGN/Month including VAT (99.00 BGN/Year)learn more about how to activate the professional DDoS protection bellow

*We are trying to make the delivery and activation process, of the DDoS protection under your choice,easier. Because of that, in some of our services you don’t have to go through the process of pre-ordering

Order DDoS protection for Cloud server

Depending on if you have an active Cloud server or you are just about to use that product, you can activate DDoS protection using the following methods: - Pick the option of DDoS protection (Cloud IP) with the order of a new Cloud server

DDOS order from new Cloud

This way you will have your Cloud server created by the IP address of your DDoS web protection, passing through the filters of Radware’s equipment

  • If you have an already active Cloud server you have to add new Web interface/IP address or replace the already existing one from your Cloud control panel - Virtual servers > "Cloud server name" > Networking menu > Network interfaces
    • Add new network interface

Add new network

  • Add a new IP address to Networking > IP address > ALLOCATE NEW IP ADDRESS

Add IP

*Your traffic will start to automatically pass through the DDoS equipment and it’s filters will start the education and the analyzing process of your Cloud server

Ordering DDoS protection for Shared hosting

Whether you have Shared hosting or you are just making use of this service, you can activate a DDoS protection by the following methods:

  • When ordering a new Shared hosting, choose the extra “DDoS IP protection” option

DDOS for Shared hosting

  • If you have active Shared hosting you must order an additional function from youruser control panel

Shared hosting options

DDOS Shared hosting option

Order DDoS protection for Dedicated server/Collocation

Whether you have a Dedicated server/Collocation or you are just making use of this product, you can activate DDoS protection by the following methods:

  • Choose an additional DDoS (Up to 40 Gbps) protection with the order of Dedicated server/Collocation

DDOS New server