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Using‘s system is a fast and easy way of making online payments.

How to manually pay with

By clicking on the button “Finish” at the end of a request it redirects you to the final step of your payment.

ICN.Bg Manual payBGN

The payment is performed by – an internet system for bank card and microtransaction payments.

You have the opportunity to make manual payments from by entering your ePay account information and executing the following steps: navigate through the menu- Transactions > Make an internal transaction to another user > New internal transfer (the invoice number and the reason of payment must match the number of your request – CIN)

ICN ltd. Client’s number: 3166394701



  1. The client has to own a bank card.
  2. The owner of national debit cards has to confirm his will to perform Internet transactions from the corresponding ATM by entering his PIN.
  3. The Cardholder has to have Internet access. registration

  1. The client is registered in the system once he entered the information of his bank card.
  2. Every client is given a unique identification number/CIN/. This number is public and can be seen by anyone, including the traders. This number can be publicly mentioned by all clients and traders.
  3. In order to join the system, you receive a username and a password. They are private and have to be kept secret by the client.
  4. One of the main features of the system is that traders will NEVER receive any information about the client’s bank card. The system provides the traders only with the information about a successful money transfer. In case of a trader, registered in the system as an official courier, he is provided with the address for delivery, which is included in the transaction information.
  5. The client is never required to enter his card number again. The cards are registered in the system just once. This information is being stored on a server which is encrypted and has no direct connection to the Internet while being connected to the client’s CIN at the same time. In the process, the client can order and select a card to perform the payment that favors the trader, /in case that he registered several cards/ by selecting the bank cards by their names that he picked beforehand.
  6. The system sends a request to the national operator for card transactions – BORIKA which contains all the data for the virtual POS (a terminal of trader’s data about the client’s card and the amount of money for the transaction). BORIKA processes that information and resends a system answer that contains information, whether the payment is accepted or rejected. Then the system submits that information back to the trader, and in case of a successful payment, the trader provides the specific good or service to the client.
  7. The system provides detailed transaction reference to both sides, which include: paid or failed deliveries, card limits as well as the movement of trader and client.
  8. All payments are initiated after the agreement of the client, without exceptions.
  9. The traders have the right to send requests to all clients for paying the determined bill. After they have received the payment request there won't be a transaction until the client accepts the request.


CIN – Client Identification Number

TIN – Trader Identification Number. The TIN of ICN.BG is: 3166394701