Payment via EasyPay cash desks

How to perform a cash payment at EasyPay’s offices over the country?

ICN.Bg together with EasyPay allows you to pay for all of our services via convenient pay desks located all over Bulgaria. The transactions are done in real time, guaranteeing safe and reliable payment. The cash desks are located in all major Bulgarian cities and allow fast payment with convenient working hours /Cash desks located in trade centers work on weekends as well/.

In order to use this service you don't need a registration. The amount of money could be instantly paid in cash at one of the EasyPay cash desks. There are no additional fees.

Cash desks in Bulgaria

Look for the sign of Easypay logo

How does EasyPay work?

  • After you have placed an order through ICN.Bg, you will receive a unique ten digit code.
  • Visit the nearest agency representing EasyPay and use your unique code to make the payment. The cashier will confirm the amount of your order and your payment will be registered in ICN.Bg's billing system.
  • You will receive a receipt/bill for a successful transaction.
  • The ordered service will be activated within 30 minutes after a successful payment.

About EasyPay

EasyPay is a world-class service that guarantees secure money transactions.

The network of EasyPay includes some of the largest and most prestigious banks and retail chains in Bulgaria. EasyPay is authorized, regulated, and licensed by the Communications Regulation Commission. All cash flows pass through special bank accounts (the money in these accounts is available and can only be used for payments to suppliers - EasyPay customers), which provides additional security for the money transfers. EasyPay payments are processed through the system, which gives another layer of money transfer protection.