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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems, but at the same time it is the most attacked system on the internet. It is recommended that you take all possible steps to ensure a high level of protection and to minimize the risk of a security breach. To assist our Web hosting and WordPress hosting clients we have developed a useful WordPress Management tool that comes directly into your cPanel control panel **. Discover how to improve your performance and protect your site with just a few easy steps.

What is WordPress Management?

WordPress Management is a free tool that we have implemented in cPanel control panel for our Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting customers so they could protect, optimize, and manage their WordPress installations in a easier and more convenient way. Our technology contains several functionalities that allow you to perform actions that otherwise require in-depth knowledge of site administration, security, and programming.

Optimize in a couple of seconds!

WordPress Management is a tool that we have developed for customers with WordPress websites. We understand how hard it could be to administrate your site. With WordPress Management you can optimize and secure your installation in a couple of seconds so you could focus on other essential tasks like website maintenance, adding content, changing your web design, etc.

What can you do with Wordpress Management?

The tool allows you to set required settings for better performance and optimization and it will facilitate the day-to-day actions you take to keep your WordPress page working properly. With its help you will be able to cope with complex administrative processes that require the maintenance and normal operation of each site. Without having any special knowledge or skills you will be able to back up your website, automate essential processes, improve its performance and speed, secure it, and other activites that will not require you to understand and know how to administer your WordPress installations

WordPress Management is an exceptional tool that is going to give your business a strong competitive advantage!

WordPress Management menu in cPanel

WordPress Wizard

With WordPress Wizard you can easily find all installations in your hosting plan and it will give you a direct sign-in option to WordPress Admin panels. That way you don't have to memorize multiple passwords and you will be able to log in directly to your installation, delete it, and modify it. Each installation is automatically imported into Softaculous for maximum ease of use. You will see the direct path to the available version as well as the URL of each site.

WordPress Install

WordPress Install gives you a shortcut to Softaculous auto installer in order to install WordPress. This saves a significant amount of setup time for new installations and you will be able to put your efforts into developing your new site.

WordPress Optimization

By using WordPress Optimization you can optimize your website's performance and load time. By clicking on a button you will activate two caching plugins: ActiveCache and W3 Total Cache.

With Memcached technology and ActiveCache functionality integrated into the cPanel control panel you'll be able to take advantage of our caching functionality. It will cache content in memory such as strings, objects, database queries, SQL queries, API queries, page rendering, and so on. For subsequent requests for that data it will be loaded from the cache and will not waste your hosting resources.

By using the caching feature you significantly reduce the number of requests to the database allowing your infrastructure to serve a larger number of simultaneous users.

You can easily turn off enabled optimizations if wanted!

WordPress Security

WordPress Security offers three different ways of protection:

Password Protection: You can add a password protected directory to the login form of your installation - wp-login and manage the users who are in this folder. This is of utmost importance to protect yourself from Brute-Force attacks.

Fix Permissions: From here you can quickly access Fix Permissions, which will allow you to correct the set rights in order to be the most optimal in terms of security.

Security Check: We also added the Security Check option to ensure maximum security. You can perform a comprehensive audit of the available WordPress installations. You will get optimization and security enhancement recommendations that you can quickly apply with a single click. All the enhancement will be implemented instantly and automatically. Suggestions include: changing permissions, protecting directories, stopping access to the xmlrpc.php file, and many more.

WordPress Access

With WordPress Access you can add different users and give them access rights to specific directories. Furthermore, you can add passwords and manage all of your WP users easily.

WordPress Clone

Would you like to clone or make an archive of your installation? Use WordPress Clone to make a copy of your website in another folder and on another domain. Also, it will create a new database for you. WordPress Clone is an excellent tool if you want to use the structure of your current website for other projects or you want to experiment with new themes and plugins without worrying that you could break your live web site.

WordPress Cron

There is a WordPress setting that by default runs a cron job every time your website has been loaded. This results in more site delays and loading difficulties. However, using WordPress Cron you can replace the default cron with one that runs on every 6 hours. This way you are going to use significantly less CPU time and will distribute your web hosting resources more effectively

WordPress Update

One of the most common reasons for security breaches in WordPress is an out-of-date version of your core, theme, or plugins. There are constantly new minor and major updates for which we have created WordPress Update. It is a tool that will automatically update your core, themes, and plugins, so you can be sure that your website and its elements are always up-to-date.

WordPress Checklist

WordPress Checklist is going to run different tests and checks on your website and give you suggestions to fix the most common issues. Its most significant advantage is that you could fix all issues with a single click. You don't have to have in-depth administration knowledge to deal with them.

WordPress CDN

By enabling WordPress CDN you are going to increase the number of visitors on your website and will enhance its loading time as well. The way that WordPress CDN works is by creating a subdomain for your static content (images, javascript, css, etc.) that will be loaded from a specially optimized for that purpose server. Thus, in addition to having much higher limits for simultaneous apache queries many of these queries will be cached and will deliver content much faster to your site visitors.

Check out all included tools in WordPress Management for yourself. You can find them in your cPanel!

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