Free SSL Let's Encrypt or AutoSSL Comodo

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Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo are free SSL certificates that could be a great alternative. We offer them for free as a bundle package with our Web hosting plans. Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo are Domain Validation type of certificates, which means that they can only validate the authenticity of your domain name. Those type of certificates are open source so you should not experience any difficulties with configuring or setting them during installation. All of the popular browsers support them, and they use common encryption methods.

How to install a free SSL certificate from ICN.Bg Let's Encrypt?

Our team was paying close attention to the Let's Encrypt initiative since the very beginning. It is hard coded into our values and policies to offer our customers cutting edge technological innovations and high-quality assistance.

By using our tools you will be able to install your SSL certificate in a minute. Because every certificate is valid for 90 days, our panel allows activating an automatic renewal of the certificate.

How does Let's Encrypt visualize in a browser?

Let's Encrypt in the address bar

After you install it, a green HTTPS:// and green padlock will visualize in front of your domain name in the address bar.

How to install a free SSL certificate AutoSSL Comodo?

As a client of ICN.Bg, you can install the free AutoSSL Comodo certificate as well. You can do it by using the ActiveSSL plugin which we have integrated into cPanel.

How long are the free SSL Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo valid for?

Once installed, both certificate will expire in 90 days. After that, you will have to reissue it. However, in order to optimize this process and to avoid the moment when your website won't be protected because its SSL expired, we have integrated a module that will reissue them automatically.

Who can use Let’s Encrypt and Comodo AutoSSL?

Let's Encrypt and Comodo AutoSSL could be used by anyone who wants to protect their website and their customers' data and increase their trustworthiness. These certificates can be installed on any website regardless of its programming language or framework. However, if you have a website that is processing an online payment or private data we strongly recommend using another type of SSL certificate, because Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo validate only your domain name, but not the identity of the business and the company behind it.

Can I use Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo for my online store?

Yes you can. You can protect your primary domain as well as other subdomains.

How many domains can I use Let's Encrypt with?

You can use it for up to 3 domains or subdomains in your hosting account.

What should I choose - a free or a paid SSL certificate?

Although, Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo are free certificates they have some setbacks compared to the paid ones. Firstly, they do not support a green address bar, which is one of the most recognizable elements for a protected website. Secondly, they are DV type of certificates, which means that they do not validate your business identity - your visitors will not be able to find information about your company in their browser. Thirdly, you have to install a separate certificate for every subdomain. In comparison, if you decide to install Wildcard SSL you will have to install only one certificate. The free certificates do not support seal trust, which is another sign of protection.

Get your web hosting plan with a free SSL and many other extras for a faster and secure site.

Important: Take advantage of HTTP / 2 using Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo

To use the updated HTTP/2 protocol your site needs to have a secure connection and an SSL certificate. Let's Encrypt and AutoSSL Comodo are the easiest way to switch to HTTP/2. As you already know, for most web browsers HTTPS: // URLs will be the only ones that will support HTTP/2. Additionally, Google Chrome's latest statement said that by the end of the year all sites without SSL would be previewed as insecure.