Malware Detector by ICN.Bg

Malware has invaded the Web and attacks millions of hosting accounts daily. It is one of the major threats to every web site and online application. This emerging danger can lead to the infection of countless systems and cause irreversible damage to any online business.

At ICN.Bg we take good care of your hosting plans and provide you with adequate and timely protection for your online projects. This is the reason we have integrated a reliable line of defense for our Shared web hosting customers against malicious scripts. You can find our useful instrument Malware Detector,in our cPanel control panel.

The tool is completely free of charge for our Shared hosting and Managed services.

What is Malware Detector?

The instrument was created by our experienced FriendlyGeeks team using the latest security standards. Malware Detector is aimed at protecting our customers hosted on ICN.Bg’s Shared web hosting plans. It scans all the files and archives uploaded on our servers and limits the action of the malicious scripts.

How does Malware Detector protect your web sites?

The instrument performs regular checkups of all hosted files and archives in your plan and locates the suspicious ones. It analyzes the processes, checking if the files are legitimate. It evaluates the threats and quarantines the malicious scripts that could harm your hosting account, preventing their undesired effects. Malware Detector uses multiple databases with millions of virus signatures to ensure maximum security and protection. This vast collection of rules and algorithms helps the instrument identifies the threats and helps with the effective “disinfection” of your systems. Malware Detector uses many database sources for its frequent updates ensuring the capturing of the latest threats. Whit this we can secure your hosting account from newly discovered malicious software, and we can respond adequately even to new threats giving us a competitive advantage over similar products on the market.

Malware Detector scans not only files but also archives. This way, we can ensure that the exposed threat will be neutralized even if your local antivirus program fails to detect the danger before you upload the file to your hosting plan.

How does Malware Detector work?

Malware Detector scans your hosting plans, detects malicious scripts, and puts on quarantine infected files. The whole process does not use any of the resources allocated to your hosting plan and does not affect the loading speed of your pages and applications.

How does Malware Detector affect your hosting plans?

By integrating Malware Detector into our Shared hosting servers, we wanted to give you another layer of protection against cyber-attacks. We wanted to provide even more reliable environment in which you can successfully develop your business ideas. With Malware Detector, your websites and apps are always protected; you can rest assured that the impact of malware will be limited. You get the best possible performance and better security! Your applications will continue to work seamlessly, with better performance, and you will earn the trust of your customers.