Invest 30BGN in advertisement and it will turn into a 120BGN one.


Adding value to your business

Offering a better value for your clients is the most effective way of increasing the sales and dealing with the competors. That’s why we offer one more competitive advantage, making you 1 step ahead in front of the others.

Thanks to our partnership with Google™, ICN.Bg is giving you the opportunity to build your own advertising campaign in Google Adwords valued at 120 BGN.

ICN.Bg gifts you 90BGN as a voucher. The only thing you are required to do is to load 30BGN for your first Advertising campaign in Google Adwords.

####How can I receive my advertisement voucher for “Google AdWords™”?

By adding the service in your online order from the menu “Additional services”, you receive a free advertising voucher with every new hosting plan order, no matter the packet. The service is valid for Linux/ASP shared hosting, with minimal register period of 12 months, VPS and Cloud servers with minimal register period of 3 months, as well as all Reseller hosting plans.

Additional promotion conditions:

  • 1. The promo codes are for new Adwords clients, whose profiles are not more than 14 days old
  • 2. The promo codes could be used only for Bulgarian profiles (The account registration has to have an address that is pinpointed in Bulgaria)
  • 3. You can use just one promo code for a single Adwords account.
  • 4. You can use one promo code for a single hosting plan.
  • 5. In order to receive the right to the promotional credit, you have to spend at least 30BGN in the period of 31 days, counting from the day of the promo code entry. The promotional credit will be applied in 5 days starting from the moment the client reaches the the needed advertising cost.
  • 6. All advertising costs are paid by advertisers after the depletion of the promo credit. The advertisers are able to stop their adverts at any time, before the depletion of promo credit cost . Google does not send a reminder before the promotional credit expires.