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CloudFlare isCDN (content delivery network), which optimizes the work of your website. We chose to work with an already established organization which already has 151 points of presence around world! Thanks to its wide web of servers this CDN works by loading the static content of your website from the nearest server. That results in the faster load speed rates of your website, and as for your clients, they won’t ever have to leave your site because of that. Combined together with ICN.Bg’s shared hosting plans, Cloudflare makes websites comfortable, easy to access and fast to navigate through. If there is something better than a service which saves time, nerves and resources and leaves customers pleasant, it is that it’s completely free! Yes,CloudFlare is completely free for all of our Shared hosting customers.

Ne from CloudFlare and ICN.Bg: CloudFlare Railgun

Everyone wants his website to be as quck as possible, but only from ICN.Bg offer you the technology, which will make your site as fast as possible, no matter the physical location of your clients!

Railgun is a last generation technology developed by CloudFlare. It optimizes the performance of your website and significantly improves load time. You all know the advantages which CloudFlare offers, but only ICN.Bg gives you the opportunity to cache the dynamic content of your website. The new technology of Railgun- for the first time in Bulgaria!

What is Railgun?

The caching of webpages with static content is an easy task. But cashing the dynamically generated content is a challenge! Sites with dynamic content, have 65% of their static elements cached by Cloudflare. Those most oftenly are the graphical elements of the site, picture materials, javascript and css. The remaining 35% of the resources can’t be cached, that is because of the fact that they are dynamically generated. This means that they have a database source or depend on user behavior. Railgun delivers those 35%, that Cloudflare can’t. It uses the mechanism of caching, which is based on finding and comparing the parts of the website which have been changed over the time. Cloudflare first caches the static elements of a the page. After that Railgun assures a secure connection between the infrastructure of Cloudflare and your hosting account. This connection is later used for sending requests with information about the distinct parts of the site. That is how dynamic content is being cached.

ICN.Bg has a specialized software build in its infrastructure, which implements the recognition of dynamic content and making sure its safe delivery to the servers of CloudFlare. After that CloudfFlare takes care of the safe and fast arrival of the content to the final user. According to studies conducted by Cloudflare, no matter of the dynamic degree of a webpage, it experiences changes that effect only specific given parts of it, instead of ones that affect its whole state. Railgun specifically locates these changes and sends information about the redacted content on CloudFlare’s servers. This way it manages to cache the dynamic content and it increases the load speed of your website with more than 700% in some cases.


Fast and reliable connection

Railgun works by recognizing how often dynamic pages are being updated. Based on the received information, it builds an algorithm, which is used to cache the dynamic content of every website over a period of time. CloudFlare’s experiments that were held on New York Time’s page, show that the dynamic content of the site is changing by about 0.6% every 5 minutes and by 3% every hour. Other experiments show that BBC’s webpage is experiencing changes at 0,4% for every 5 minutes and 2% every hour. This means that even with news sites, which are one of the most dynamic and fast evolving, we can’t see any radical changes of the dynamic content and it can be cached at specific time periods.

What are the main advantages that Railgun has to offer:

  • Caching the static content
  • Caching the dynamic content
  • Optimizing the load time of a website
  • Compressing the content, aiming for it to be delivered at maximal speed to the final user.
  • Sending fewer requests to your server
  • Lower server overload

CloudFlare Railguncould be used by any type of websites- informative, news, eCommerce shops, blogs as well as any sites with dynamic content.

How do I use CloudFlare Railgun:

Every ICN.Bg user who has active CloudFlare, could use the advantages of Railgun! Our FriendlyGeeks team will be happy to give answers to your questins and assist you if needed!