ActiveWAF / Web Application Firewall

ActiveWAF / Web Application Firewall is a useful tool for traffic analysis, that filters malicious requests. It operates on a web server level and is available for all Web Hosting and Managed VPS plans by ICN.Bg. With ActiveWAF, the websites, applications, and hosting accounts of our clients have a 24/7 active real-time protection.

You can access the full capabilities and manage your Web Application Firewall easily through the ICN.Bg cPanel interface.

What is ActiveWAF?

ActiveWAF is a network and web application Firewall that stops various cyber attacks such as cross-site-scripting (XSS), file inclusion, and SQL injection. It is a useful module created by hosting provider ICN.Bg that uses predefined rules and advanced protection toolkits. We have implemented the custom firewall as our own security solution that fits the specific hosting needs of our clients.

The ActiveWAF Firewall is based on popular Web Application Firewall technologies such as ModSecurity, and other technologies with predefined rules created by leading cyber security companies. We have implemented our own rules to make sure we block the latest attacks. Based on the day-to-day analysis, the Firewall stops various cyber attacks and malicious requests attempting to disrupt the processes of your online services. ActiveWAF provides monitoring, logging, and access control, thus preventing unauthorized actions on hosting accounts.

How does ActiveWAF work?

On the one hand, ActiveWAF inspects the input and output connections of the server: It filters all requests and stops those that are defined as malicious actions. Unlike the regular Firewall that restricts a certain type of traffic, the ActiveWAF module analyzes all requests and omits only those that are not threatening to your hosting plan.

On the other hand, ActiveWAF analyzes the applications and discovers vulnerabilities in the systems, thus preventing malicious traffic and all harming attempts. To ensure maximum system protection, the technology blocks the majority of external threats that endanger the normal operation of your hosting accounts.

What is the effect of Active WAF?

Cyber attacks are extremely dangerous for any organization and online service because they can lead to significant financial losses and severe damage to the company's image. ActiveWAF acts as an invisible firewall for your applications, projects, and websites. You can feel the positive effect of ActiveWAF through the seamless operation of your applications, projects, and web sites on our servers.

Manage your ActiveWAF Firewall

You can give the best firewall protection for your online business with just a few clicks. Configure the necessary setting with just a few clicks and protect your online business in the most comfortable way via your User Panel.