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Your business is even closer to your clients

Pick your new .EU domain - your European identity on the Web

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Additional information about .eu domains

Year registration tax Promo19.46 4.80 BGN VAT included
Year renewal tax Promo19.46 17.46 BGN VAT included
Transfer tax including one year renewal Promo19.46 17.46 BGN VAT included
Privacy ProtectionN/A
Theft ProtectionFree

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Domain characteristics

IDN supportPeriod of validityGratis period after expirationRedemption PeriodPenalty fee
N/A1 - 10 yearsN/A40 days90 days

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Why choose a .EU domain?

  • Your European identity on the Web

    Secure and protect your brand on the Web by registering a .EU domain with its name

  • Increase users' trust in your website

    Be closer to your users and choose a domain name they trust.

  • Recognition of your brand and business in the EU

    Pick a .EU domain extension for your business that is used all across Europe.

  • 3 790 450 registered .EU domains by the end of 2018.

    .EU is one of the most popular domain extensions in the world with hundreds of new online businesses choosing it every year.

  • Large international market and many potential customers

    Become part of the millions of online businesses that operate in the EU - 28 member states with over 513 mln. in population.

  • Unlimited opportunities for development

    The European market is expanding and in the next years new member states will join providing new business opportunities.

Free domain

  • .eu


    0,00 BGN

When pre-paying or renewing Business and Standard hosting packages for one year.

Unlimited domain possibilities at ICN.Bg

  • Hosting for your new site

    Professional hosting allowing maximal speed and accessibility all over the world. Suitable for static and dynamic sites as well as CMS systems ( Wordpress, Joomla).

    • Fast SSD Discs
    • Optimization tools
    • Professional DDoS protection
    • 30 archive (backup) copies

      Starting from 6.60 BGN VAT included

  • Business e-mail

    This service offers a business e-mail, corporate encrypted chat, audio/video communications, contact, calendar, and task control, storage of files/documents, synchronization on all devices, and many more.

    • High security level
    • Comfortable HTML5 interface
    • Anti-spam and Anti-virus protection
    • Mobile synchronization

      Starting from 9.95 BGN VAT included

Frequently asked questions

What is a domain name?
The domain name represents the address that people look up in order to find your site on the Internet. To access your website, all they have to do is type the address in their web browser’s search bar.
How to transfer my domain to ICN.Bg?
The transfer of domain names has always been a mystery process. Learn how you can transfer your domain to ICN.Bg, by changing your present register. By becoming your new register, you will be able to control your user profile and gain access to tons of extras.
How can I renew my domain name?
We are going to show you all the steps that you need to make in order to renew your domain name. Apart from that, our system offers an option for an automatic renewing of your domain name, as well as a system that will remind you by sending notification e-mails, before the expiration date of your domain name.
How long are the expiry periods of a domain?
Learn more about the grace periods, as well as penalty taxes which follow after renewing while in a penalty period. Find the differences between the expiration of .eu domains here.
What does TLD mean and what are it’s kinds?
Top-level domain is the expansion at the end of every domain name. Examples of commonly used TLD are: .org, .com, .net, .bg и .eu. The expansion of a single domain name reflects on the site core, and each separate TLD has a different meaning.
How can I add and change a DNS server?
We are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to add and change DNS servers by the DNS administration menu accessible from your user profile at ICN.Bg.
Terms and Conditions of the Promotion
The promotional price of BGN 4.80 (VAT included) is obtained by choosing a .EU domain for a period of 1 year. The promotion is valid only when registering a new .EU domain for the first year. The promotion is valid in the period 01.03.2021-31.03.2021. The payment of the promotional order must be reflected in ICN.Bg until 31.03.2021 (inclusive)! The promotion is valid indefinitely for the period. The promotional price of the .EU domain name is not valid for the transfer or renewal of the service.