.bg domain registration

As an official register, ICN.Bg fully performs the registration procedure and the following control of .bg domain names. The registration and control of national .bg domains imposes additional requirements as: identification of the person that is willing to register the domain and the authorization of ICN.Bg as a capable register and controller of the following domain name.

Does the registrant meet the general pre-conditions?

To register a .bg domain name, you would have to meet the following general pre-conditions, established by Register.Bg:

  • A person, who owns a court or trade registration in Bulgaria, or a country, that is part of the EU, as well as State authority establishment act from; a subject, created by the power of agreement between Bulgaria and other countries; foreign companies and organizations, which have a registered affiliate or a commercial representation in Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Capable people, citizens of Republic of Bulgaria, foreigners with the right of permanent residence on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria or citizens of the EU.
  • Foreign registers, that have authorized a third person to register a domain name

Documents required for domain name registration

As capable re-sellers of Register.Вg, ICN.Bg can register the domain under choice, using a single attorney letter. By that document, the Registrant officially authorizes ICN.Bg in front of Register.Bg to buy and control customer's domain name in the system of the official Register.

The attorney letter could be downloaded from here:


It is required that you present the letter in front of Register.Bg in its original format. Thus meaning that the document must be signed under the name of the individual or the Manager of the legal entity who’s going to become the righteous owner of that domain name. The signature of letter of attorney could be accomplished by the following means:
- At ICN.Bg‘s office in Sofia, bringing your ID card, needed for the Registrant verification. When registering a domain name of a legal entity, it is required that the Manager or the person that he authorized, bust bring a business organization stamp. - With digital signature (the document must be signed with a digital signature by the company or signed personally by the Manager as an: attached signature with p7m extension.). The document must be saved as an archive .rar file and sent to the following e-mail contact: office@icn.bg - The letter of attorney should be sent to ICN.Bg’s office in Sofia, by courier or by mail. Then the document should be notarized by an active notary and sent to the following address:

Town: Sofia zipcode: 1700

Address: Bul. Simeonovsko shose 33, fl. 1 , office 1

Receiver: Julian Ivov Borislavov

The provision of a document as a scanned or a photographic copy of the original, takes its legal value. Related to that, copies of a document are not accepted as a basis for registering the given domain name in the official Register.

Domain registration without basis

In case that the Registrant doesn’t own a document, that represents a basis for using the given domain name, then the registration of that domain won’t be possible without the document proposal. By those means the domain name will be registered without basis and it’s use will not be secured. The domain name registration with unsecured status, does not mean that some eventual claims against the ownership of the domain, in front of Register.Bg, the domain will be taken away or deleted from the system of the official Register. The person who started the arbitration should provide the right ground to his claims against the domain’s ownership. ( For example, the registration of an organization or a trademark, before the registration of the given domain name.)
The right given to a domain name to undergo arbitration from a third person is possible for 5 years after the period of it's registration. According to the established rights of Register.Bg , after the expiry of that period, however the status of the domain name use, it gains a secure status.

Domain name registration on basis

The registration of a domain name with national code - .bg, requires the provision of a document from the Registrant, presenting the basis for it’s use. The document authorizes the right of the Registrant to use the domain name and grants it a secure status.

A basis for the registration of a domain name with secure status, could be: the Registrant’s name, the name of the legal entity, the name of the registrant’s trademark, a name of a geographical way point, name of a tourist subject, name of media project, program or a licence. Domains which match the name of a cultural, sport, scientific or other event could too be registered with secure status.

* In case there is no basis ground for domain name registration or a complete loss of compliance between the registered organization/ individual’s name and the domain name, then its registered as unsecured.

It is necessary to provide the relevant basis up to the time of domain name registration. In case that the domain name’s basis, that is used to secure it’s status, is a name of legal entity or organization with current registration in the Commercial Register, the submission of documents certifying the right of the Registrant to use the corresponding domain name are not needed. The procedure of their gathering is carried out by ICN.Bg on the basis of online reference in the Commercial Register.

Legal entities that do not have current data log and registration in the Commercial Register have to present the needed documents, that expose their organization’s current state.

Domain name reservation

Register.Bg offers it’s Registrants an opportunity to reserve a domain name as well as „line queuing” for an already reserved, but unregistered name. The check if a given domain is reserved could be done through the official page of Register.Bg. The check of a specific domain name in ICN.Bg’s database can’t report queuing requests from third persons.