Domains .bg 57.90 BGN VAT included

Bulgarian internet identity

Domain examples

  • Нов домейн
  • Трансфер на домейн


Additional information about .bg domains

Year registration tax Promo70.4057.90 BGN VAT included
Year renewal tax Promo70.4057.90 BGN VAT included
Transfer tax including 1 year renewal Promo70.4057.90 BGN VAT included
Domain registration transfer14.40 BGN VAT included
Change of domain basis use6.00 BGN VAT included
Domain register refusal6.00 BGN VAT included
Domain contact information change (e-mail, telephone number, address)6.00 BGN VAT included
Change of administrator/technical contact6.00 BGN VAT included
Registrant name change6.00 BGN VAT included

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Domain characteristics

IDN supportPeriod of validityGratis period after expirationRedemption PeriodPenal tax
N/A1 - 10 years30 daysN/AN/A

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  • General preconditions

    In order to register your .bg domain you have to be eligible to all of the General preconditions set by “Register.Bg”. According to the conditions the person has to meet the requirements related to his registration in Bulgaria, capability and 3rd person authorization (only in case of registered foreigners)

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  • Required documents

    The registration of .bg domains, requires an attorney letter delivery. With this letter the Registrant gives ICN.Bg official rights to represent him in front of The attorney letter can be downloaded from here: POA-BG-Domains.pdf

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  • Baseless domain name registration

    In case that the registrant doesn’t own a document based on using the given domain name, then the registration of the domain could continue without his presence. This results in baseless domain registration and it’s unprotected status.

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  • Basis Domain registration

    If the name of your organization/ trademark etc. absolutely matches the domain name under your choice, you have the opportunity to register that domain on a basis. You just have to deliver a document authorizing your basis right.

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.bg domain transfer

The transfer of .bg domain names could be accomplished between different registers supporting the service. Accredited by the official register Register.Bg, ICN.Bg supports the domain transfer service.

The transfer procedure is initiated by the future register of the domain for 57,90 BGN with VAT. This price includes the yearly domain name renewal starting from the date of the successful transfer. Based on the rules of Register.Bg , when transferring a .bg domain, it’s period of activity is lost. This means that if your domain name is valid until the 31.12 of the given year, and you chose to transfer it on 31.10, the remaining two months of activity will be lost. This is why we recommend doing that on the last month of your domain’s activity. After the process has finished, the activity of your bg. Domain will be renewed for 12 more months, starting from the day of reissue.

Тhe transfer procedure requires the client to bring an attorney letter which authorizes him as the official domain owner in Register.Bg ‘s archives. The letter gives ICN.Bg complete right to transfer and control the client’s domain name. The letter of attorney could be downloaded from here and can be signed by the following methods:

  • At ICN.Bg’s office bringing your ID card with you (If the attorney letter is drawn by a legal entity, you must bring a business organization stamp).
  • With digital signature (the document must be signed as: attached signature with a p7m exstention);
  • By courier/mail - the document must be notarized and sent on client’s expense on the following address :
    • Sofia 1700
    • bul. Simeonovsko shose, fl. 1, office 1
    • Receiver: Julian Ivov Borislavov

The letter of attorney could be downloaded from here:


In case the domain name‘s registrant is a legal entity, recent organization condition is required. The reference is based on an online Commercial system register checkup. Legal entities, which do not have current inscribed data in the Commercial register have to provide the needed documents, that represent the current organization condition.

.bg domain- Оwnership transfer

  • Transfering a domain name registered at ICN.Bg

    When transfering the property of a domain name, which is already controlled by ICN.Bg, you have to pay a tax of 14,40 BGN including VAT. It is important to know that the domain name’s validity period is not affected. Meaning that even if you transfer the property several months before the domain expiry, you won’t lose the remaining period.

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  • Transfering a domain name registered at another provider

    When doing a domain registration transfer, which is not currently operated by ICN.Bg we follow the steps in the exact order. First we transfer the domain name to our database, then the process continues into changing the ownership of the domain. In this case it is important to note, that you lose the rest of domain’s activity period in that transfer.

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Unlimited domain possibilities at ICN.Bg

  • Hosting for your new site

    Professional hosting allowing maximal speed and accessibility all over the world. Suitable for static and dynamic sites as well as CMS systems ( Wordpress, Joomla).

    • Fast SSD Discs
    • Optimization tools
    • 90BGN Google Adwords voucher
    • 30 archive (backup) copies

      Starting from 6.60 BGN VAT included

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  • Business e-mail

    This service offers a business e-mail, corporate encrypted chat, audio/video communications, contact, calendar and task control, storage of files/documents, synchronization on all devices and many more.

    • High security level
    • Comfortable HTML5 interface
    • Anti-spam and Anti-virus protection
    • Mobile synchronization

      Starting from 9.95 BGN VAT included

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Frequently asked questions

What is .bg domain?
The .bg domains are part of Country-code top-level domains (ccTLD). ccTLD are expansions, which offer your site identity on a national scale. They also are strictly limited to containing just 2 symbols. Learn more
How to transfer a .bg domain?
There are some specifics and requirements that you have to meet, or else the procedure won’t continue. Learn what you are going to need in order to transfer your .bg domain to our database.Learn more about the .bg domain transfer
What are the general pre-terms of .bg domain registrations?
The register needs to check if hе is eligible to the general pre-terms, given by Register.Bg. Learn more about the registration terms
What kind of documentation do you need for registering your .bg domain?
We require a letter of attorney which will authorize us in front of Register.Bg, as a capable controller of your domain name in the official Register. Learn more about the specifics of the required document here
What are protected and non-protected domain statuses?
What are the basic grounds for registering a domain name with protected status and which document you need for authorizing the .bg domain grounds? Learn more
What are the most important questions about .bg domains?
Here you can find a big portion of the questions which arise with the registration or transfer of a .bg domain. Also learn what are the main terms as a register, registrant and the registration of a domain with or without basis. Questions and answers about .bg domains