We understand how important and necessary e-mail communication is for every organization. No matter the size of the company, each business is looking for an optimal strategy for success and effectiveness that includes cost reduction and income increase by the number of clients. The effective, reliable and fast e-mail communication is essential for the dynamic and constantly changing business environment.


Effective communication is crucial for the growth and success of your business. Speed, security and liability are the main advantages that cMailpro offers.

Using cMailPro, you have the chance to

  • mobile access and synchronization – you have access to your mail from all over the world. In addition you can take advantage of push notifications as well.
  • A Disk space in the cloud, accessible from all devices
  • Use an e-mail client under your choice
  • Take advantage of HTML5– Extremely fast and reliable
  • E-mail encryption
  • E-mail archives – an option for archiving mails in a separate folder and sorting them.
  • E-mail redirection, automatic answers and other functions, which you use daily.
  • Brand your webmail with your own corporate identity- your logo, colors and recognition.

cMailPro WebMail

The Web based e-mail that cMailPro offers, allows you to access your e-mail from all over the world, no matter your physical location. You can always track the progress of your projects, tasks or business negotiations. Here are the main advantages of cMailPro web mail :

  • Easy access – Directly with the use of your browser
  • Without installing additional software
  • A chance to brand your office environment
  • Better comfort
  • No additional configuration

No matter the device that you are using (laptop, ultrabook, tablet, smartphone and etc.), or your physical location – your data base and information can be accessed by you only. And to make thing easier we integrated several helpful functions and tools in the web mail : - Calendar – to organize and plan all of your meetings and events - Chat – for keeping a continuous connection with your colleges and business partners. - Contact list – represents a data base with all your contacts. Helpful for finding the right person you need at the moment. - File sharing – for absolute coloboration between you and your colleges.

Microsoft Outlook integration

We know that one of the most distributed and used e-mail clients is Microsoft Outlook. We are sure that your company counts on it and it is sometimes difficult to make changes or to change your work method. We decided to make things easier for you and that is why we offer. You grant access to e-mails, contacts, calendar and files directly through your e-mail client, without the need of extra installations!


There are countless programs and applications for chat. But internal office communication sticks out with it’s characreristics and special needs. While using a proffesional system for internal communication you can use a wide variety of functions, which make communication easy and optimized. Easy to navigate with simple interface, crystal clear structure and navigation with many functions. The main advantages of cMailPro chat are: - Solid system for internal communication- all employees will use a single communication system, meant for internal needs and restricted for outsiders. - Organizing special chat groups and conferent chats. - Setting specific and individuals access rights. - Adding people to your chat system. No matter if they are on a different server. - Transfer files through the chat system. - A chance to chat live with clients - Fully encrypted chat

cMailPro uses the most widely distributed chat protocol – Jabber (XMPP), which is a standard chat. You can use the chat through your web mail, as well as any other application or device, which supports the protocol.

To make your communication as easy as possible, together with cMailPro you can use Pronto!

Pronto! Is an application for iPhone and Android, which includes the fully functional instant messenger. Pronto! ‘s biggest advantage is that it uses a secure connection between the corresponding servers, which support the chat, as well as the encrypted connection between your device and server.


Pronto! Is a mobile device with included chat, contacts, file control and call function. With our mobile app (compatible with iOS and Android) you can unite all your chat contacts. Also you have the option to send and receive files- no matter were you are, with secure connection, so that you don’t worry about the protection of your data!

cMailPro Calendar

Plan and share all your events and important meetings. cMailPro calendar helps you organize your daily tasks. You won’t ever have to be late for meetings and you will never forget the most important events!

  • Synchronization of your calendar with all devices you use.
  • The planning of events and meetings.
  • Sending invites and tracing answers.
  • individual and sharec calendars.
  • Internal department calendar.
  • Setting of alarms and notifications.
  • Complete compatibility with Android, Mac OS, Windows
  • Easy and flexible configuration

cMailPro’s calendar uses CalDAV protocol, which is the standard protocol for calendar synchronization and could be configured from any device. It is compatible with every app, which supports the protocol. With ActiveSync, the calendar is instantly configured for your own device.

Contract configuration

Daily, each one of us communicates with hundreds of people- colleges, partners, clients and others. The configuration of a whole database full of contacts- names, e-mails, telephone numbers is hard and time consuming. cMailpro offers a solution, which will help you navigate and organize your contacts easily. cMailPro is fully integrated in cPanel and you can control all of your business contacts from a single place. You can add or redact contacts from every e-mail in your organization. And last but not least can set restrictions. cMailPro uses standard protocols for every service that it offers. You can access your contacts through webmail. cMailPro uses ActiveSync and CardDav protocol - Add or remove contacts - Configuring many contact lists - Department restrictions - Contacts configuration with the use of a mobile app

Storing and sharing files

Save all of your important files and share them with your team, no matter where you are. You can cooperate, work together, control data access and group files into folders without any difficulties, while at the same time relay completely on your privacy and security. The solution that we offer is based on the widely distributed protocol for cloud storing – WebDav. It allows you to navigate through your files, no matter your OS. In addition we deliver a mobile app, used for controling your files, as well as a navigation of your files throughout the web based control panel.

Synchronize all your devices

Catch up with all trends and synchronize all your devices. cMailPro’s mobile synchronization will allow you to trace everything in one second. We guarantee all that thanks to the standard ActiveSynch protocol, that synchronizes all your e-mails, contacts, tasks and calendars on all your mobile devices , no matter the physical location. Apart from that you can use push notifications, single sign on and SMS configurations.

And many other great functions

  • remote wipe on your request – in case someone loses their smartphone, you can delete all data entirely from the device. Using the ActiveSync protocol, cMailPro allows the remote control of any set-up device.
  • Password protection – Thanks to ActiveSync, you can use an external control system for navigating the main password of your phone. The protection of your passcode can be achieved through cPanel.

100% security guarantee

We learned how important business security actually is. Trust and security are the main factors which reflect on the relationship between your organization and your clients. That is the reason why we spend most of our efforts in trying to establish a better infrastructure for protection.

How do we guarantee about the complete security and privacy of your communication

  • All if the information, located in your e-mails and chats is encrypted before being transferred
  • Encrypted connection between server and device
  • Connection between your server and corresponding server is also encrypted.

cMailPro guarantees a high class security levels with its ability to use S/MIME certificates- the S/MIME certificate can sign the message of the mailer, making it so that no one can read it without the certificate. Another main factor is that your data could be saved on your own server or on our infrastructure, making it that no one else can access it. In comparison to other solutions from this kind, using cMailPro will let you know the exact location of your data.