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Web hosting

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Optimized hosting for speed and security. Free instruments for easy web site management are included with each plan.

prices from:

4,80BGN per month

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WordPress hosting

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WordPress hosting is specially design for best performance of WordPress sites. Each of its plans offers a secured environment with various instruments for easy web site management.

prices from:

7,68BGN per month

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You'd like to have a site? ICN.Bg Sitebuilder gives you the chance to create your personal web site without the need of any technical background. You can select from ready-to-use templates and use our Drag&Drop functionality to create your site in minutes.

prices from:

0,00BGN per month

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cMailPro includes business email, encrypted chat functionality, contact management, and calendar. With cMailPro you can sync all your business devices and use it for data storage and file sharing.

prices from:

9,95BGN per month

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Businesses require hosting solutions that correspond to constant changes in their business needs. Our cloud solutions will empower your business to be agile, fast, and quickly adapt to changes.

prices from:

14,40BGN per month

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SSL certificates provide security to your clients and web site visitors. They get piece of mind and your business benefits from improved brand image and better search results.

prices from:

23,38BGN per year

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Why ICN.Bg


    In order to guarantee quality services to the maximum we put the security of our infrastructure first. We constantly develop new tools to make our clients’ websites work faster and remain secured at 100%.


    We make sure to resolve every occurring issue. Our FriendlyGeeks are available 24/7 to support clients. There is no such thing as “a weird question”. If you put your trust with us, we will assist in the most quick and effective way over e-mail, phone or through our Online Helpdesk.


    For 16 years now we have been maintaining the excellent condition of our clients’ websites. We constantly integrate the latest technological advances of the hosting industry to our own processes. This way we can always offer the best for every website and improve the quality and security of our services.


    Each one of our subscription plans offers the best resources needed for your website, so that it can function fast and securely. We have also included extra features for free, which will ensure the best state of operation for your website. That is why your website will be always in excellent condition, no matter the subscription plan you choose.


    Our embedded system tools allow for you to create and manage websites without the need of having any technical knowledge. With the help of Sitebuilder you will be able to easily build up your website and with WordPress Management you will be able to manage your WordPress website with the push of a button.


    Your evaluation of our work: Time to resolve a specific case -> 4.98/5 Rating of the hosting services’ quality -> 10/10 Level of exhaustiveness of the received answer -> 4.93/5 Level of satisfaction from the used service -> 4.95/5 Competence shown during resolving the issue -> 4.95/5

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Frequently asked questions

What is web hosting?
In our manual “What is web hosting” you will find detailed information about all tipes of hosting services. Such as: “Different kinds of hosting and their characteristics” or information that will help you understand better what you are paying for when you’re buying hosting services. We guarantee that our widely spoken manual will give answers to your questions about web hosting.
What is shared hosting?
In an abstract aspect shared hosting reminds of a building co-habited by many tenants. You rent an apartment in which you live and that represents your personal space. With shared hosting you have your own spot in the server, which depends on your hosting plan.
What is a domain name?
The domain name represents the address that you have to type to find your site on the Internet. To load a specific web page users have to type the domain name in the search bar of the browser so that they can easily find your site on the Web.
How to transfer my site to ICN.Bg?
To migrate your site from one hosting company to another you have to fulfil several important steps: 1. Migrate your files; 2. Migrate the data base, Export/Import ; 3. Migrate all e-mail accounts along with their content.
What is Cloud hosting?
The biggest advantage of Cloud hosting is that you only pay for the resources that you use. The full control of the service allows you to change the resources based on your needs. Cloud hosting is absolutely scalable virtual technology giving you unlimited possibilities.
How can I order hosting and domain from ICN.Bg?
Learn how to make an order for new hosting and domain with our delivery portal Step by step information on how to make an order from ICN.Bg without any problems and difficulties...
How to transfer my domain to ICN.Bg?
You can transfer your domain to ICN.Bg’s database in couple of easy to follow steps and navigate in comfort from your user profile. You can relay on the team at ICN.Bg for the transfer of your domain name.
How to choose an SSL certificate?
The SSL certificate guarantees for your security - it represents a digital certificate, which legitimizes the authenticity of your website and encrypts the information with the help of the SSL technology. Read about the main types of certificates and the ones that we offer.