ICN.Bg Cloud hosting

Personalized cloud solutions for every business

The perfect environment for every site, CMS system, e-commerce shop, application, software, or other projects with high traffic. Our reliable SSD Cloud infrastructure guarantees speed and optimal operation of your site via dynamic resource distribution.

  • Instant scaling

    You have instant unlimited resources and you can easily change the parameters of your cloud based on the needs of your online project.

  • Budget optimization

    You only pay for what you use. Optimize your budget and performance of your site without investing in unused resources.

  • The best Cloud equipment

    Better performance and efficiency of your applications thanks to the most powerful Cisco UCS Cloud equipment in Bulgaria.

  • Control and protection of personal information

    Manage your Cloud via browser or mobile app with full encryption and 100% protection of private information.

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Now you can easily navigate your cloud through all devices thanks to


cMailPro professional business e-mail

  • Unified Communications Solution
  • Data Encryption
  • Webmail and email client
  • File sharing
  • Calendar and Contacts
  • Audio & Chat
  • Mobile sync

Professional services

  • Servers


    Whether you want to rent a server or colocate one, ICN.Bg is a reliable partner with Tier 3 Data centers in Bulgaria and Germany.

    The service is suitable for e-commerce shops, web platforms, business management softwares (ERP, CRM, BI), and other global online projects.

    93,88 BGN including VAT

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  • Partners

    Resellers and Affiliates

    Start your own business! Start earning as a hosting reseller under your own brand with an easy to navigate build-in panel.

    The service is suitable for web studios, digital agencies, freelancers, and all businesses for whom hosting is an essential part of their activity.

    from 26,40 BGN including VAT

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  • SSL

    SSL certificates

    Strengthen the trust between you and your users and increase online sales! Data encryption and privacy protection.

    This service is good for every business web page. Strongly recommended for sites with implemented online payments and e-commerce shops.

    from 23,38 BGN including VAT

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Why choose ICN.Bg?


    We host your websites on specialized server systems such as Cisco UCS, EMC, Supermicro, and HP that can be found at Tier 3 (N+1) in our data centers in Bulgaria and Germany. The unique symbiosis between hardware, software, and expertise makes our services one of a kind.

  2. 24/7 Professional support from FriendlyGeeks

    Our certified FriendlyGeeks experts are always ready to solve any case. You can contact us 24/7 by e-mail, phone, chat or you can find the solution yourself by visiting our Online Helpdesk.


    Through innovative solutions we are able to offer attractive prices without compromising on quality. ICN.Bg wholly owns all infrastructure, which ensures low cost, maximum flexibility, and efficiency.


    Our rich palette of hosting services guarantees that we offer just what your business needs - Shared hosting, Cloud infrastructures, VPS, Dedicated servers and Colocation, Domain names, SSL certificates, personalized hosting solutions. We are not just your provider, but a partner who’s always there in need.

  5. High level of protection and optimization

    Infrastructure security is our top priority to offer you high-quality services. ICN.Bg uses high-end specialized equipment giving 99.99% protection against DDoS attacks and numerous additional modules and tools that improve performance and protect your site.

  6. Free extras in each hosting plan

    Part of our free extras that we have added to our hosting plans includes free SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt, WordPress Management, free DDoS protection, ActiveCache, and others. You can use additional tools, which will help you save resources, improve the speed and performance of your website, and create your first website with few clicks.

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Frequently asked questions

What is web hosting?
In our manual “What is web hosting” you will find detailed information about all tipes of hosting services. Such as: “Different kinds of hosting and their characteristics” or information that will help you understand better what you are paying for when you’re buying hosting services. We guarantee that our widely spoken manual will give answers to your questions about web hosting.
What is shared hosting?
In an abstract aspect shared hosting reminds of a building co-habited by many tenants. You rent an apartment in which you live and that represents your personal space. With shared hosting you have your own spot in the server, which depends on your hosting plan.
What is a domain name?
The domain name represents the address that you have to type to find your site on the Internet. To load a specific web page users have to type the domain name in the search bar of the browser so that they can easily find your site on the Web.
How to transfer my site to ICN.Bg?
To migrate your site from one hosting company to another you have to fulfil several important steps: 1. Migrate your files; 2. Migrate the data base, Export/Import ; 3. Migrate all e-mail accounts along with their content.
What is Cloud hosting?
The biggest advantage of Cloud hosting is that you only pay for the resources that you use. The full control of the service allows you to change the resources based on your needs. Cloud hosting is absolutely scalable virtual technology giving you unlimited possibilities.
How can I order hosting and domain from ICN.Bg?
Learn how to make an order for new hosting and domain with our delivery portal Step by step information on how to make an order from ICN.Bg without any problems and difficulties...
How to transfer my domain to ICN.Bg?
You can transfer your domain to ICN.Bg’s database in couple of easy to follow steps and navigate in comfort from your user profile. You can relay on the team at ICN.Bg for the transfer of your domain name.
How to choose an SSL certificate?
The SSL certificate guarantees for your security - it represents a digital certificate, which legitimizes the authenticity of your website and encrypts the information with the help of the SSL technology. Read about the main types of certificates and the ones that we offer.